Hi, I'm Ben Mantle, a 6-dan Go (Weiqi, Baduk) player and teacher from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I've been playing Go since 2006 and started teaching in 2008. I am Head Instructor at the Toronto Go Club, former President of the University of Toronto Go Club, and staff annually at Anime North's Go area. My first real introduction to Go was through the inspirational anime Hikaru no Go (ヒカルの碁). From that point on I was bent on pursuing the pro dream; Go completely took over my life.

In 2009 as a 3-dan player I had the opportunity to travel to South Korea to pursue my dream more seriously. I trained there for five months and competed back in Toronto as a 5-dan thereafter. Since then I haven't let go of my ambition, I merely gave it new shape—such is the flexibility required of a Go player!


Students say my teaching style is comprehensive, cohesive, and enjoyable to the point that it keeps them coming back for more. I focus on concepts and make use of fun and novel analogies. For tactics, I like to demystify the specific reasoning for individual moves instead of focusing on sequences and glossing over details, as this fosters deeper understanding. Although sequence should exist within the intent of each move, flexibility is key.

I am enthusiastically devoted to the progress of my students, so my services generally include additional perks such as tailored homework, curricula, and lesson plans, lesson overtime, and Go discussions over email. How about starting with a teaching game to determine your needs? It would be my honor to become your Go teacher.

What You'll Get

Live Go Lessons

Live Go lessons—typically over Skype, but text or other means are doable.

Any Lesson Format

Play-and-Review, Lectures, Live Commentaries, Q&A...

Perks and Prep

Tailored curricula, lesson plans, homework, and mentorship.

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  • Toronto, ON, Canada